Thank You From Central School

January 8, 2020 Escondido Education Foundation Carolyn Royer Dear Escondido Innovation Grant Committee, Thank you for your generous support of flexible seating in my first grade classroom at Central School.  I was able to purchase everything over the holiday break. It was like an after-Christmas present for my students when they walked in on the…

Thank You Letter

I wanted to say thank you so much for all the work you do as a volunteer in a tireless effort to help the children! There is so much hardship in the world and then after attending the ceremony the other night I felt renewed with your spirit of generosity. As a former teacher you…


Thank You Note

Carolyn, your event was a lot of fun. My husband loves what does, but he’s very humble and shy. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to share his art with Escondido. I was really proud of him and amazed his furniture raised that amount of money. Your fundraiser is very important to the city…