Good evening, Carolyn,

Happy Friday! I want to begin by saying I am truly grateful for you and the Escondido Education Foundation Committee for choosing to fund my grant and for everything you do for the students and educators of the Escondido Union School District.

It was actually our P.E. teacher, Amber Terry, who received the grant last year for the stacking cups. However, Mrs. Terry has volunteered to help me with the activities described in my grant, and I have written two other grants in the past that have been funded by the EEF.

Thank you and the committee for your questions, and I will try to address them to your satisfaction. I am happy you like the idea. I will ask my site principal if it would be possible to extend the activities to additional Fridays this school year. Currently, she has approved the monthly agenda. In fact, I did a pilot activity a few Fridays ago using relatively inexpensive items (plastic cups, rubber bands, and string ) I purchased myself. I have attached pictures. The implementation went well, the activity was well received by students with many of them participating. Lastly, please rest assured I will most definitely and with diligence sanitize the masks. Thank you for the reminder as it is the world we presently live in.

The committee is welcome to attend and even participate in our Friendship Fridays. I will send a proper invitation before each event! I look forward to seeing you there and at the celebration.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all you do. EEF is an incalculable asset to the Escondido Union School District. Wishing you many Thanksgiving blessings.

With much appreciation and
Warmest regards, 💓💓
Tambra Wood
Proud Escondido Union Educator