Knex’ting to the World

Knex’ting to the World —-Zoe Carpenter My 8th grade students learned about Newton’s Laws at the beginning of the year. To help them review for the California Science Test (CAST) I used the Knex Forces, Motion, and Energy Educator’s kit. The students were excited to be the first to use these kits as well as […]
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Mrs. Carpenter’s Class Continued

Two more groups were building cars which would be set loose down a ramp.  Their forward progress would be measured.  Different size wheels would then be attached and the experiment repeated and recorded.  Then weight would be added to the vehicle and the experiment repeated.  Wish I could have stayed for the whole experience to […]
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Innovative Learning & Grant Winners

Teachers at Lincoln Elementary are becoming familiar with the games students will be playing. Each grade level has a different selection of games which are designed to make kids think! The philosophy behind this grant is that students have a lot of knowledge they are not called on to use. These games….actually educational activities…..get kids […]
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