Recipient: Tambra Wood
Grant Title: Friendship Fridays
January – True Friendship Has No Obstacles. Blinded Folded Obstacle Course.

Empirical Evidence – Evidence gathered based upon the students’ surveys

        • The students most enjoyed the The Blindfolded Obstacle Course and the Lego Activity.
        • They learned the importance of teamwork and to talk to each other when working together.
        • Although I am not aware of any new long lasting friendships formed because of the Friendship Friday activities, many students stated they played with and worked together with new friends while participating in the Friendship Fridays.
        • They would like to repeat all activities next school year. However, the spring forward activity was least popular.
        • Most students stated they would change the activities by having them last longer and to do them more often.

Personal Observations that Project Was Successful

        • Students eagerly attended the Friendship Friday activities, and often asked what and when the next activity would be.
        • Other staff members also observed students’ excitement and shared the information with me. (i.e. The custodian, “Mrs. Wood, your activity was all the rage today.”)
        • The younger students, 1st-3rd, were noticeably more excited about the activities.
        • The blind folded obstacle course was the most popular and most fun for students.
          As a result, it will be repeated again before the end of the year.
        • Our site principal stated she hopes I continue to have Friendship Friday’s next year.

Future of the Project

The project will continue next year as an integral part of our newly developed Student Ambassadors Club with the following changes/improvements:

        • Friendship Fridays will happen more often September- May.
        • Students will be asked for input on activities chosen.
        • Some months will have different activities for lower grades (1st-2nd) than upper grades (3rd-5th).

Other Positive Outcomes

We originally were going to hold most of our activities in the MPR, but it was often being used. As a result, I discovered the “back alley,” a large walkway behind the buildings, was the perfect location for our activities. This area is grossly underutilized and has a wealth of potential. We have decided to rename this area “The Friendship Fairway.” and it will be getting a future facelift. We are excited about this future project and permanent home of Friendship Fridays.


All receipts have been forwarded to Rhonda Potter at the EUSD district office along with a check payable to EEF in the amount of $190.87 As mentioned above, the availability of products from Amazon fluctuate, I originally planned to order 20 Lego classic kits but could never get all of them at once, so I ordered three large kits and ended up with more pieces for less money. Also, I had two activities using bedsheets. I realized I could use the same sheets for both activities and avoid purchasing and storing so many. Therefore, I had money leftover. Please see the receipts and information below.

Amount requested and received for the EEF -$1461.17

Total monies used- $1270.30 (See attached receipts)
Leftover money- $190.87

Finally, I saved this photo for last because it truly exemplifies the goal of Friendship Friday: to bring students together who normally do not have friends to play with. Both of the students below, from different grades, have trouble making friends. It warms my heart to see them making a friendship connection.