The Judith Campbell Foundation graciously funded my project, Working Together to Explore and Wonder! When I wrote this grant I was hoping for the following benefits:

The benefits of this grant will be seen in my students’ ability to plan and carry out investigations. Also, the positive communication and collaboration practiced by my students will be a part of will help their social emotional well-being.

The lasting impacts of this project will be that my students will carry on their investigative qualities for years to come. My students being able to work together and communicate is a life skill that will serve them throughout their lives. This project will impact students years to come as all of it is reusable.

I am very pleased with what these materials brought to my class! The students have enjoyed working together to create bridges, cars, buildings, and tube runs. Working together they have problem solved and figured out solutions. More importantly, I feel this project and accompanying materials has given my students time at school to practice positive communication with each other. I have been teaching in person since Covid began and have been very aware of the need to teach students positive communication skills. Due to quarantines and distance learning we have seen this school year more than ever students needed to be explicitly taught how to work with one another. These materials will continue to support my future students with scientific problem solving and positive communication skills.