Work In Our Community

These kindergarten students at Miller Elementary are discovering what it is to work in the community!  They are outfitted as mail persons, veterinarians, mechanics (he is volunteering to serve homeless?), and community members. It is wonderful that students are being made aware of the every day occupations that keep our community moving ahead!  Thank you…


Innovative Learning & Grant Winners

Teachers at Lincoln Elementary are becoming familiar with the games students will be playing. Each grade level has a different selection of games which are designed to make kids think! The philosophy behind this grant is that students have a lot of knowledge they are not called on to use. These games….actually educational activities…..get kids…


EEF Tours Conway Elementary

The tour was fantastic and everyone was very nice. We had a welcome Banner at the front of the school (there’s was no way to miss it), home made cookies and had a couple of thank you gifts for EEF. Two students along with the principal were our tour guides and almost every classroom we…