MakerSpace Thank You Letter

Escondido Education Foundation: I want to thank you again for funding my “STREAM learning through makerspace” project.  The students have been very excited about coming and creating. My guess is that I have had about 250 different students taking advantage of the makerspace. I had no idea it would be so popular. We are open every…

FAB LAB at North Broadway

The EEF recently visited the FAB LAB at North Broadway.  Teacher, Marcie Kurka, runs her FAB LAB every Friday.  Using Rube Goldberg's ideas, there is a cart with all sorts of items.....string, rubber bands, popsicle sticks, etc.  Students are given tasks and work in small groups to accomplish the task.  The day we visited, students…

Del Dios Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Escondido Education Foundation hosted a tour of Del Dios Academy of Arts and Sciences on Thursday.  We were greeted by representatives of the 4 “houses” (Think Harry Potter and Hogwartz).  These student representatives explained the competitions between Fire, Ice, Sky, and Water.  At this point in time, Fire is ahead but Metal is hot…


Creative Music Composition

Enhancing Engagement through Creative Music Composition Project Participants: Jo-Ann Fox and Amy Copeland Project Reflection Summary The “Enhancing Engagement through Creative Music Composition” grant provided twenty-two students with the rare opportunity to create, collaborate, modify, and add the valuable art component to our STEAM based school. By using keyboards that would otherwise have been impossible…


Thank You Note

Carolyn, your event was a lot of fun. My husband loves what does, but he’s very humble and shy. Thank you for giving him the opportunity to share his art with Escondido. I was really proud of him and amazed his furniture raised that amount of money. Your fundraiser is very important to the city…


EEF Grants $50k

On December 4, 2017, the Escondido Education Foundation (EEF) hosted their annual Dr. Mike Caston Innovation Awards. At the event, numerous innovative EUSD programs were recognized and awarded grants totaling approximately $50,000. Thank you to the EEF board, donors, and volunteers for your continued, unwavering support! Your efforts are helping our students realize their potential…