Reidy Creek’s Leadership Day

Escondido Education Foundation Board members attended Reidy Creek’s Leadership Day. It is based on Franklin Covey’s whole-school transformation. 21st century leadership and life skills are taught to students with the end result being student empowerment and every student being a leader.

Thursday, June 1, Reidy Creek invited the community in to see their demonstrations. Classroom visitations included “Can You Save Fred?”…..students had to work in teams to figure out how to get the Life Saver out from under the cup and get Fred (the worm) stuffed into it. Personally, I would have put Fred on a diet, but students quickly learned to stretch the Life Saver in order to get Fred the worm into it. An awesome team effort! Another class made streamers and were on their way out the door to measure them and determine which team made the longest one as we left the room. That particular class was practicing the habit of synergizing!

There are 7 habits: Be pro-active; Begin with the end in mind; Put first things first; Think win-win; Seek first to understand, then be understood; Synergize; and lastly, Sharpen the saw.

After classroom visitations, the MPR was set up with posters of all the clubs on campus. The kindergartners performed and inventors throughout the school showed off their inventions!

A fabulous experience for students, teachers, and attendees!