Dear Parents, 

The Escondido Education Foundation encourages you to become actively engaged in your child’s education. This could include volunteering in their classroom, supporting school PTA initiatives, and yes, even making yearly donations to the non-profit organization that backs the most ground-breaking, efficient, and avant-garde programs in all 23 schools. The beneficiaries extend beyond your child to all EUSD students and the entire community. Together, we can ensure these 9 crucial years make a meaningful difference for your child. You can donate here. We appreciate your support!


Are you familiar with the Escondido Education Foundation?

Find out more about the programs we back on our Innovation page. Ask your child or their teacher about their participation in Foundation-sponsored programs. Follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for regular updates, or reach out to us via email. What else would you like to learn?

This year, we’re amplifying our commitment to parental involvement!

For the coming 9 years, we’ll be accompanying your child on their educational journey, from Kindergarten to Middle School graduation. These formative years pass rapidly, but they lay the foundation for your child’s future—a future we all hope will be filled with success.

Visit the school district’s new Parent Page here.

Did You Know?

Over 100 employees from the Escondido Union School District generously make monthly contributions to EEF via their payroll. How amazing is that? We cordially invite 100 EUSD parents to do the same; an annual contribution would be a great start. Thank you for your support!

Every school in the district has reaped the benefits of an EEF program in some way or another. This is because our mission extends district-wide, and we are in expansion mode, always ready to take on new challenges to better serve our students, teachers, and families.

For further details about our programs, click here.