SDG&E Thank you!

Dear Ms. Tran,

In December, I received a grant for Central Elementary School in Escondido that was funded by Sempra for expanding our Piper Computers program. Thanks to your generosity, a second set of Piper computers were purchased to supplement our set that was purchased 2 years ago. As a bonus, Piper was having a sale at the time so the sensors were also purchased with the funds received from the grant. You will find the receipts and photos of those attached.

Before COVID-19 struck and schools were closed, one fourth grade class had built the computer, completed the circuitry program and dismantled the new Pipers for the next class. A second fourth grade class had just built the Pipers and was getting ready to start the circuitry program. The fifth graders were also going to begin working with sensors and coding with the original Pipers that were purchased 2 years ago. My plan had been to invite you out at the end of March or beginning of April to see the Pipers in action when everything shut down. So in lieu of that, I am attaching a video put together by one of the fourth grade teachers and myself showing the building of the Pipers and some of the circuitry program.

Thank you so much for funding this grant to the Escondido Education Foundation which has allowed students to get hands-on experience with circuitry and coding. It is opportunities like this that are developing critical thinking and communication skills and helping students to be prepared for the future.

Joan Bohnstedt
Central Elementary
Escondido Union School District