Thank You From Central School

January 8, 2020

Escondido Education Foundation
Carolyn Royer

Dear Escondido Innovation Grant Committee,

Thank you for your generous support of flexible seating in my first grade classroom at Central School.  I was able to purchase everything over the holiday break. It was like an after-Christmas present for my students when they walked in on the first day back from vacation.  You should have seen their wide eyes as they explored all of the new gifts.

As you can see, I purchased a balance ball, chair bands, sensory pillows, seat spots, and wobble stools.  Our first days have been spent curiously discovering our flexible seating options. Soon, I will ask certain students to try them out and see if they are better able to attend to tasks and focus.

Thank you again for this opportunity to help students. I will keep you posted on our progress throughout the year.


Laura Reyes
First Grade
Central School