Fashion Show 2019

The Escondido Education Foundation held its first ever fashion show this last spring!

“Fashion is an art.  Teaching is an art.  We spent a glorious afternoon with girlfriends celebrating the art of fashion through the ages in support of the art of innovative teaching in classrooms today.”

Vintage fashions were provided by Olivia Terry and with her guidance, our committee was able to produce an exciting afternoon of fashions, food, and gaiety!   Committee members included Suzan Reiner, Pam Putnicki, Olivia Terry, Rosa Ruiz, Gail Gousha, Carolyn Royer, and community volunteer Judy Powell.   Gentlemen on hand to pour champagne included  Escondido Mayor, Paul McNamara, Joe Morris, and Scott Putnicki.  Every time I looked their way, they had huge grins on their faces!  I think they had a good time.  Music was provided by Raphael Pena.  Our emcees were our own Kathy Morris (principal at Miller) and Kelly Mussatti (principal at Reidy Creek).    Erika  Cardozo Aguilar  assisted Kathy and Kelly, wearing her handmade gown bringing to mind the “Gone with the Wind” era.  Nancy Benson narrated the history of the time and why the clothes were needed as the models walked the “runway”.  Dvid Zumaya was our photographer….now that I think about it, he too had a huge grin on his face all afternoon!

Models included school teachers from the EUSD and friends and family members!  Olivia was able to find fashions to fit each model, as well as the needed accessories.  Our models looked as though they stepped from the pages of history.

Comments from attendees:

“An amazing collection of clothes from every era!  It was fascinating to see the history of clothing, how it has changed, and how some fashions return in new ways!”

“It was a lovely afternoon spent with mothers, daughters, sisters, and good friends.  The period fashions were exquisite and really depicted the eras of fashion.  Fashions of the past really tell the story of time!”