MakerSpace Thank You Letter

Escondido Education Foundation:

I want to thank you again for funding my “STREAM learning through makerspace” project.  The students have been very excited about coming and creating. My guess is that I have had about 250 different students taking advantage of the makerspace. I had no idea it would be so popular.

We are open every morning before school from 7:15 to 8:00. It is a good safe place for students to come when they get dropped off early for school. My average morning has about 35 students coming in so it makes the library very busy, but a fun place.  They enjoy the legos – Building houses and cars  is their favorite things to do with them and we have car races almost every day. I was able to make a track using house gutters to race with. I also have many students enjoying the coding mice, origami and gears.

We are open two afternoons a week for 45 minutes and my average attendance is 20 students. I even have a few moms who are here with their children. Two high school students come every Wednesday to help with origami, coding and building.

A few teachers come in the mornings to also help. It has been a great schoolwide project. Our PTA has agreed to get us more origami paper for the next school year. Because of this grant I was able to write another grant and just received word that I will be receiving it. Yay, for more lego building materials and new coding robots.

I feel the makerspace has met my goals using: Science Technology Engineering Art and Math. The students are collaborating  to solve problems. It is so nice to see them helping each other figure out how to use the coding mice, how to put windows in their  houses, and how to re-engineer their cars to make them run faster.

Attached are some pictures of the makerspace in action. There is also a video of our grand opening. Hope you enjoy it.

Thank you again for making the lives of Pioneer School students enriched.


Diane Todd

School Library Technician

Pioneer School