San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum

San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum

The Escondido Education Foundation just completed its first fundraiser, held at the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum, the perfect venue for a Spring event.  Attendees were treated to music played by Mr. & Mrs. Vaughn North.  Appetizers were supplied by Intertwined Bistro & Wine Bar; desserts were donated by Wedeking’s and First Republic Bank.

The Escondido Education Foundation is indebted to the community of Escondido for donating many wonderful silent auction items.  Schools like Rincon, Reidy Creek, Felicita, and L. R. Green all contributed popular baskets.  Intertwined, Hacienda de Vega and the Patio Playhouse generously donated.  Smaller restaurants weren’t left out.  Sid’s Chicken Plus, the Grand Tea Room, A Delight of France all provided gift certificates.  For sweets lovers, Yogurt & Yummies and Rita’s supplied us with gift certificates also.  The Escondido Education Foundation is honored that so many Escondido eateries have supported our efforts.

Major excitement filled the room when Leila Sackfield was surprised by being honored for her many years of dedicated service to the children in Escondido. Following her award, Art Barter generously gave of his time to speak on the topic of the importance of education in the 21st century. Tina-Marie Neesen supplied the next surprise….Baker Electric solar has awarded $1000 toward the Mike Caston Innovtive Awards for the 2016-2017. More excitement filled the room when Dr. Ibarra announced that San Diego Gas & Electric is giving $2500 toward the Mike Caston Innovative Grants.

All teachers who receive grants “go the extra mile” to win their grants.  Several grant winners were able to attend and bring components of their projects along so guests had the opportunity to see what their donations accomplish.  Brian Herman and Marin Hughes (Farr Elementary) demonstrated how STEM and technology for the future is taught in their classrooms.  Amanda Peeples (Lincoln Elementary) uses T. V. news to teach language arts and technology.  Zoe Carpenter (Lincoln Elementary) has her whole school participating in games to reinforce STEM principles.  Jo-Ann Fox (Quantum Academy) is having her students tackle engineering art with little Bits.  Education for those students whose teachers have grants is certainly innovative and 21st century!

Escondido Education Foundation is indebted to the community for the tremendous support we have received.  The Board is proud to say that almost 97% of donations go straight into classrooms for innovative projects to capture student interest. Watch for us in December when we distribute the money we have collected this fiscal year.