Grants Update 2016

Timely because our EEF Innovation Grant award partly supports this great happening called “Family Friday”.

Inspiring because….

  • This morning, every student in every classroom had an adult read to them from a bilingual picture book called, “Viva Frieda.”
  • 80+ Parents came to read the book in Spanish or English with small groups of children.  Teachers read with students who did not get assigned to a parent or other family member.
  • What an amazing turnout, what enthusiasm!  All in support of the message that it is easy, fun and beneficial to read with their children.
  • Parents kept their copy of the book as well as a handout reminding them of the strategy they learned this morning from our Family Liaison (Spanish) or Library Tech (English).

This event is but one component of our Family Reading Program made possible because of the Innovation Grant.  We plan to have 6 such events next year.  Thank you to EEF.